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How to Clean Out Field Lines for a Septic Tank

Posted - 06/05/2012

A properly maintained septic tank can provide an on-site sewage solution for decades. In addition to emptying the septic tank, you should regularly clean the field lines leading to your drain field. This will help keep your septic system running properly and prevent backups and overflows. Regular maintenance can help prevent field lines from clogs. Add a bacterial cleaner to your septic system weekly. Simply flushing the cleaner down the toilet to add it to your system. The bacteria will help process the sludge that naturally builds up in your field lines. If you suspect you have a clog, you will need to locate your distribution box and inspect your field lines manually. After opening the lid on your distribution box, visually inspect your field lines for obstructions. Push a drain snake into each pipe, working it back and forth until you can slide the snake back and forth without resistance. After snaking each pipe, test the system for clogs. Fill the distribution box with water. If each pipe is clear, the water level should never rise above the lowest pipe in the box. Finally, flush each pipe with a hose and clean out the box. If you are experiencing troubles with your septic system, consult a local Orlando septic tank pumping company.
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